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Jewish Communities Around the World Against Trump's Deal

We are a diverse coalition of Jewish organisations and individuals from communities across the globe. We share a commitment to the Jewish values of justice and peace which can only be fulfilled through a negotiated two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians. We share a commitment to Israel’s security and prosperity which can best be fulfilled through peace agreements with its neighbours.

For any peace plan to work it must connect with the long-term goals and aspirations of all parties to the conflict. Trump’s one-sided deal does not adequately address Palestinian aspirations for independence in a sovereign state; it gives Israel a green light for the dangerous annexation of Palestinian territory; legitimises settlements constructed in clear violation of international law; and removes the prospect for a viable, contiguous Palestinian state living in dignity alongside a secure Israel.

We believe that this plan could only be rejected by the Palestinian leadership as it will not bring peace, nor a viable two-state solution. A peace plan in name only, it will perpetuate the occupation and doom the region to a destructive future of more bloodshed and conflict. As Diaspora Jews, we reject this deal as inconsistent not only with international law but with Jewish values, and Israel’s aspiration to be a state living in peace and respect with its neighbours.

We therefore appeal to Jews around the world, our national governments and all those committed to a just peace to oppose this plan. Instead, we pledge to redouble our efforts to work with Israelis and Palestinians toward a future in which they can live in peace, with freedom, dignity, and security.

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